Kaua’i, Hawaii

When you think about travel destinations, Hawaii is always at the top of the list with Kauaí being the best representative. It is the fourth largest island in Hawaii and is popularly known as the ‘Garden Island’ which is a very accurate name. It is one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth and it checks off essential travel needs including beaches and resorts.

When people go to Hawaii, they go for the sandy beaches and Kauaí does not disappoint. The beaches are everything a tourist dreams of; powdered shores, warm sand, and of course, unclouded water. In these waters, you will find thriving coral life and wildlife with Polihale State Park, Tunnels Beach, and Poipu Beach being true classics. It is always advisable to check the weather forecast before heading to the beach to ensure that it is a good day to walk the beach. 

If you are looking for a little history to accompany your vacation, Kauaí will give you just that. It is the oldest island in Hawaii with the geology to prove it. You can pay a visit to Makauwahi Cave which is a large sinkhole filled with artifacts and fossils. Inside this cave, you will find geological evidence of past floods, the pollen of extinct plants, and different animal bones; all stuff that will awaken the archeologist in you. 

The Kalalau Trail is one of the toughest yet most worthwhile hikes in Hawaii. If working hard and sweating up a storm for two days is your kind of activity then you will appreciate all that the trail has to offer. At the top, you will experience dramatic cliffs and a breathtaking view of solitary beaches and vistas. Of course, you will need a permit to hike this trail but it is all worth it in the end. 

Fun for the whole family can be found at the heavenly Hanalei Bay; it is cradled by tall green cliffs that are as green as they are majestic. In the summer, the combination of beautiful scenery and gentle waves turn it into the ultimate paradise for the whole family. Here you can enjoy the breathtaking sunsets or just surf the waves. 

Finally, the Waimea Canyon which has been nicknamed the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’ is filled with colorful dips and peaks that live up to its name. At the lookout point of the Canyon of the Pacific, you will find lush vegetation and towering waterfalls that are sure to blow you away. 

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